İngilizce B1

İletişim bilgilerini eksiksiz olarak doldurup sınava geçebilirsiniz.

Başarılar dileriz...

Soru 1

I still can’t believe it! My bicycle __________ last night.

Soru 2

Mr. Hagen __________ at the telephone company.

Soru 3

I __________ him since I was in second grade.

Soru 4

How long______ ___in   this house?

Soru 5

His illness was ___ to overwork.

Soru 6

Nothing is as ___ as one's health.

Soru 7

John turned up when he was least ___

Soru 8

What ___ you do if you were me?

Soru 9

She ________________ for the job.

Soru 10

This issue ________________ by the employees during the meeting.

Soru 11

I’m sitting ---- the desk ---- front of the door.

Soru 12

Your sister doesn't study as ___ as you do.

Soru 13

Have you eaten lunch ___?

Soru 14

Be quiet. Please don't wake the ___ baby.

Soru 15

If you had had an umbrella, you ___ got wet.

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