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Soru 1

An Informal Gathering occurs when a group of people get together in a casual, relaxed manner. Which situation below is the best example of an Informal Gathering?

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Soru 2

Outsourcing is the practice of obtaining from an independent supplier a product or service that a company has previously provided for itself. Since a company's chief objective is to realize the highest possible year-end profits, any product or service that can be obtained from an independent supplier for less than it would cost the company to provide the product or service on its own should be outsourced.


Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

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Soru 3

Vitacorp, a manufacturer, wishes to make its information booth at an industry convention more productive in terms of boosting sales. The booth offers information introducing the company's new products and services. To achieve the desired result, Vitacorp's marketing department will attempt to attract more people to the booth. The marketing director's first measure was to instruct each salesperson to call his or her five best customers and personally invite them to visit the booth.


Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the prediction that the marketing director's first measure will contribute to meeting the goals of boosting sales?

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Soru 4

The criminal justice system needs to change. The system could be more just if it allowed victims the opportunity to confront the person who has harmed them. Also, mediation between victims and their offenders would give the offenders a chance to apologize for the harm they have done.


This paragraph best supports the statement that victims of a crime should

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Soru 5

Some who favor putting governmental enterprises into private hands suggest that conservation objectives would in general be better served if private environmental groups were put in charge of operating and financing the national park system, which is now run by the government.


Which of the following, assuming that it is a realistic possibility, argues most strongly against the suggestion above?


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Soru 6

At a Halloween party where people were asked to dress as an object that represented their professions, Quentin, Rachel, Sarah, Thomas, and Ulysses were among the guests. The costumes included a flower, a pencil, a spoon, a camera, and a thermometer. The professions included a photographer, a florist, a doctor, an accountant, and a chef.


■ Quentin is an accountant.

■ Neither Rachel nor Sarah was dressed as a spoon.

■ None of the men is a doctor.

■ Thomas is dressed as a camera.

■ Sarah is a florist.


What is Ulysses’s profession?

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Soru 7

When Allison drops her laptop computer, it caused the keyboard malfunctioning. When start to write something she find out no letter on the keyboard was representing itself. When she tries to write APPLE, she sees FUUQJ on the screen. When she tries to write COMPUTER, she sees HTRUBAJW on the screen. Then she realizes that there is a pattern for this malfunction.


When pressed H which letter appears on the screen?


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Soru 8

Above, given the average monthly expenses of Marc. His income for a month is €3000 and he wants to save €1000 of it. But he cannot reduce the mortgage and others as they are fixed.


Which one of the following cut in expenses will results the nearest to his goal?

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Soru 9

At 7 am, Carlos starts fishing with his son. At the end of each hour, they count their fish caught in that hour. In the first two hours, he catches four more fish than his son each time. In the third hour they both catches the same number of fish. In the remaining hours always, he catches one or two more fish than his son. When they finish at 5 pm total of fishing he catches 18 more. How many hours, their number difference is an even number? 

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Soru 10

There are two boxes, A and B, and each contains 6 balls: yellow, green, or blue. In box A there are two yellow, one green and three blue balls. We are certain that other contain at least one green, two blue, and one yellow.


We take two balls from the box B and put them to the other. For the balls in the box A which one(s) of the followings is/are true?


  1. The percentage of blue balls can be more than 60
  2. The percentage of green balls cannot be more than 30
  3. If only one of the replaced ball is blue, the percentage of blue ball doesn’t change


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Soru 11

Which of the following inventions is not attributed to Benjamin Franklin?Deselect Answer

Soru 12

Which of these author-book pairs is incorrect?Deselect Answer

Soru 13

Which of the following states is traversed by the Tropic of Cancer?Deselect Answer

Soru 14

Put in chronological order the following events:

a) Cape Horn was reached for the first time by a European crew
b) Vasco da Gama reaches the Indies sailing past the Cape of Good Hope
c) Europeans ships for the first time cincumnavigate the earth
d) James Cook discovers Australia
e) The Danish explorer Vitus Bering sails through the strait that will bear his nameDeselect Answer

Soru 15

In which year does the Italian Constitution come into force?

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Soru 16

The New Deal policy enacted by US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is thick associated with the theories of which famous economist?Deselect Answer

Soru 17

What is Argentina's form of government?Deselect Answer

Soru 18

The cradle of the civilization of the Phoenician city-states was the territory corresponding roughly to the current one:

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Soru 19

A citizen who is 40 years old can aspire to be elected:Deselect Answer

Soru 20

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the following belong to the rights of liberty:Deselect Answer

Soru 21

Some features of cells are listed.

  1. cell wall
  2. cell surface membrane
  3. ribosomes
Which features can be found in plant cells and in prokaryotic cells?Deselect Answer

Soru 22

Which of these statements about light microscopy are correct?

  1. The greater the resolution of a light microscope, the greater the detail that can be seen.
  2. The greater the magnification of a light microscope, the greater the detail that can be seen.
  3. Increasing the magnification of a light microscope up to its limit of resolution allows more detail to be seen.
  4. The shorter the wavelength of light used in a light microscope, the greater the detail that can be seen.
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Soru 23

The diagram shows part of the cell surface membrane of an active animal cell.

Which statements correctly describe the net movement of molecules across this membrane?

  1. Oxygen diffuses through molecules M from X to Y.
  2. Carbon dioxide diffuses through molecules M from X to Y.
  3. Water moves from Y to X through molecule L.
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Soru 24

Some epidermal cells from a well-watered plant are placed in three solutions which have different water potentials.
Which row correctly shows the state of the plant cells in each of the solutions?
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Soru 25

One of the chromosomes in a nucleus has a telomere which contains many repeats of the base sequence TTAGGG.
This chromosome was extracted from four different cells and the total number of bases in the telomere was determined.
Which total number of bases was found in the cell that had undergone the most mitotic divisions?Deselect Answer

Soru 26

The chromosome content of each daughter cell must be identical to that of the mother cell for successful cell replacement when repairing tissues.
Which stages of mitosis make sure that each daughter cell receives one chromatid from each chromatid pair?Deselect Answer

Soru 27

Which of these statements about cytokinesis is always true?

  1. Cell structures replicate.
  2. Cell structures are shared between two cells.
  3. Nuclear envelope reforms.
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Soru 28

Which statement explains why DNA replication is described as semi-conservative?Deselect Answer

Soru 29

XNA is a laboratory-made nucleic acid made of nucleotides in which one component has been replaced by chemical X. The chemical X is not found in nature. The part of the molecule responsible for coding is not changed.
Which organic component of a DNA or RNA nucleotide has been replaced by X?Deselect Answer

Soru 30

Where are antigens found?
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Soru 31

Which statements about tRNA are correct?

  1. Hydrogen bonds between bases temporarily hold tRNA against mRNA.
  2. The base sequences in the tRNA molecules are the same as the base sequences in the mRNA that is being translated.
  3. The specificity of the tRNA molecule for glycine and the specificity of the enzyme that loads glycine are both necessary for correct loading.
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Soru 32

Which statement explains why the ventricles contract after the atria?Deselect Answer

Soru 33

If the left atrioventricular valve in the heart does not close completely it results in blood flowing back into the atrium during ventricular systole.Deselect Answer

Soru 34

Which of these statements about the formation of haemoglobinic acid are correct?

  1.  It can only occur with the dissociation of oxygen from haemoglobin.
  2. It removes excess hydrogen ions preventing blood becoming too acidic.
  3. It is linked to the action of carbonic anhydrase.
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Soru 35

Which of these structures contain cartilage and cilia?

  1. bronchi
  2. bronchioles
  3. trachea
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Soru 36

The reaction of carbon disulfide with chlorine is as follows:
CS₂(g) + 3Cl₂(g) ↔ CCl₄↔(g) + S₂Cl₂(g) ∆H=-238kJ
Which one of the following is correct for the given reaction?Deselect Answer

Soru 37

Which one of the following is correct for group 7A in periodic table?Deselect Answer

Soru 38

Which one of the following pair includes two molecules with the same molecular geometries?
(H:1, Be:4, B:5, C:6, N:7, O:8, P:15, S:16)Deselect Answer

Soru 39

Which statement below is inconsistent with the concept of isotopes?Deselect Answer

Soru 40

Which sample below has its atoms arranged in a regular, geometric pattern?Deselect Answer

Soru 41

Of the statements below, which holds true for the elements found in Na2HPO4?

(Na: 23gr/mol, H:1 gr/mol, P:31 gr/mol, O:16 gr/mol)

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Soru 42

Which amount of Pb(NO3)2, when added to enough water to make 1 liter of solution, will produce a solution with a molarity of 1.0 M?
(Pb:207 gr/mol, N:14 gr/mol, O:16 gr/mol)Deselect Answer

Soru 43

Which of the following reactions forms a salt that will precipitate out of solution?Deselect Answer

soru 44

Which system at equilibrium will not be influenced by a change in pressure?Deselect Answer

Soru 45

Which compound is matched up with its correct name?

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Soru 46

Which substance is not correctly paired with the bonding found between the molecules of that substance?

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Soru 47

What is the pH of a 0.1 M acid solution where the acid has a Ka of 1 × 10−5?

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Soru 48

Which general formula below represents that of an organic ester?

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Soru 49

An organic compound has a molecular formula of C3H4. Which compound below belongs to the same class of hydrocarbons?

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Soru 50

Which statement is false?

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Soru 51
Soru 52
Soru 53
Soru 54

A circle has center C(a, b) and equation x2 + y2 - 6x + 14y + 49 = 0 with a radius r.
Which of the following is a+b+2r.

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Soru 55

What is the value of the expression above?  

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Soru 56

Find the average velocity of a student who jogs 750 m in 7.0 min on a straight line , does static stretches for 11.0 min, and then runs another 3.0 km in 32.0 min in the same direction.

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Soru 57

An object weighs 315 N in air. When tied to a string, connected to a balance, and immersed in water, it weighs 265 N. When it is immersed in oil, it weighs 269 N. What is the density of the object that of the oil respectively. (rwater=1000 kg/cm3, g=10N/kg)

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soru 58

Three resistors: R₁=5Ω , R₂=3Ω , and R₃=4Ω are connected in series to each other. A voltmeter connected in  parallel to resistor R₂ measures voltage of 6 V. What is the net voltage in the circuit?Deselect Answer

Soru 59

An engine cylinder has a cross-sectional area of 0.010 m2. How much work can be done by a gas in the cylinder if the gas exerts a constant pressure of 7.5x105 Pa on the piston and moves the piston a distance of 0.040 mDeselect Answer

Soru 60

The velocity of a 0.24-kg model rocket changes from 15 m/s [up] to 40 m/s [up] in 0.60 s. Calculate the force that the escaping gas exerts on the rocket.

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