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Soru 1

Applying for Seasonal Employment occurs when a person requests to be considered for a job that is dependent on a particular season or time of year. Which situation below is the best example of Applying for Seasonal Employment?

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Soru 2

The television star Markus Hermann refuses to grant interviews with newspapers unless he is given the right to approve the article before publication.

The Greyburg Messenger newspaper refuses to do anything that its editors believe will compromise their editorial integrity. So, the Messenger will not interview Hermann, since ______.


The conclusion of the argument is properly drawn if which one of the following completes the passage?

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Soru 3

On weekends, Mr. Sanchez spends many hours working in his vegetable and flower gardens. Mrs. Sanchez spends her free time reading and listening to classical music. Both Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez like to cook.


Find the statement that must be true according to the given informationDeselect Answer

Soru 4

In the past, consumers would rarely walk into an ice cream store and order low-fat ice cream. But that isn’t the case today. An increasing health consciousness combined with a much bigger selection of tasty low-fat foods in all categories has made low-fat ice cream a very profitable item for ice cream store owners.


This paragraph best supports the statement that

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Soru 5

The average normal infant born in the United States weighs between twelve and fourteen pounds at the age of three months. Therefore, if a three-month-old child weighs only ten pounds, its weight gain has been below the United States average.


Which of the following indicates a flaw in the reasoning above?

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Soru 6

The six top songs (not in order) of 1968 were:


  • “People Got to Be Free” by The Rascals
  • “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding
  • “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro
  • “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream
  • “Love Is Blue” by Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra
  • “Hey Jude” by The Beatles


Here are some rules about the order of the songs:


■ The Beatles and Cream do not appear next to each other on the list.

■ The number 1 song is not “Love Is Blue.”

■ The songs by individual artists are numbers 3 and 4.

■ The Rascals appear right before Cream and right after Otis Redding.


Which of the following is the correct order of songs?

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Soru 7

Every 3 minutes, 4 liters of water are poured into a 2,000-liter tank. After 2 hours, what percent of the tank is full?

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Soru 8

In the above given the prices of the cheese brands and their grammage. Anny is trying to buy the cheapest brand with same amount. Which must be the correct choice?  

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Soru 9

In a tennis scoring system,

When a player gets 4 points, he gets the game if only the other player’ points are less then 3.

If the players get 3 points each , one of the players must get two points back-to-back as for winning the game. That is, point difference must be greater than 2.

If one of the players won the set with games 6-3, What is the least number of points difference between the players?

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Soru 10

Machine seen above is used to get balls. When pressed the green button you get 2 yellow balls comes out. When pressed the red button 1 green and 2 yellow balls comes out. When pressed the yellow one, 2 red and 1 green ball comes out.


When we pressed the buttons several times we get; 46 Green, 168 yellow and 26 red balls. What is the number of total presses.

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Soru 11

In which of the following categories of goods would economic science classify the stethoscope?Deselect Answer

Soru 12

Identify the pair of locations separated, as the crow flies, by the greatest distance:Deselect Answer

Soru 13

Identify the numerical series that corresponds to the real historical succession of events, related to the History of Italy, listed below:

(1) universal male and female suffrage, (2) expedition of the Thousand, (3) march on Rome, (4) taking of Porta Pia, (5) entry into force of the Republican Constitution, (6) concordat between State and Church.

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Soru 14

Which European countries were the following regions or geographical areas colonies?  Indicate, among the proposed lists of combinations, the correct one in all its entriesDeselect Answer

Soru 15

"People of Dublin" is a literary workby:

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Soru 16

The famous painting "The Sunflowers" was painted by:Deselect Answer

Soru 17

The League of Nations has failed to prevent:Deselect Answer

Soru 18

D'Annunzio's superman is inspiredDeselect Answer

Soru 19

Which of the following nations does not use the euro as its currency?

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Soru 20

Archaeologists have found in Ebla in Syria clay tablets with the first examples of writing:

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Soru 21

What is a difference between T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes in the immune system?
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Soru 22

In an investigation into the immune response, a volunteer was exposed to two different antigens,
X and Y.
The relative antibody concentration in the blood was measured at regular intervals over 60 days.
The graph shows the time when the volunteer was exposed to each antigen and the antibody
concentration against time for antigens X and Y.

What is the explanation for the results displayed on the graph?Deselect Answer

Soru 23

The statements are about the properties of water.

  1. 1ability to form hydrogen bonds with other molecules
  2. less dense when frozen
  3. able to hold a lot of heat
What allows a small insect to rest on the surface of a pond?Deselect Answer

Soru 24

Which description of cell surface membrane permeability is correct?Deselect Answer

Soru 25

Which reaction takes place in a capillary in the lungs?Deselect Answer

Soru 26

Resting muscle has a lower respiration rate than active muscle. The graph shows the oxygen dissociation curves for haemoglobin at carbon dioxide concentrations that are found in a resting muscle and an active muscle.
P and Q are at the partial pressures of oxygen found in the lungs.
R and S are at the partial pressures of oxygen found in either a resting muscle or an active

Which statements are correct?

  1. The % saturation at P minus the % saturation at S represents the amount of oxygen delivered to a resting muscle.
  2.  The % saturation at Q represents the amount of oxygen carried to an active muscle.
  3. The % saturation at R represents the amount of oxygen required by a resting muscle.
  4.  The % saturation at P minus the % saturation at Q represents the amount of oxygen delivered to an active muscle.
  5. The % saturation at Q minus the % saturation at S represents the amount of oxygen delivered to a resting muscle.
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Soru 27

What does not help to maximise uptake of oxygen as blood flows through capillaries in the lungs?Deselect Answer

Soru 28

The synthesis of specific antibodies in response to vaccination is an example of which type of immunity?
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Soru 29

The diagram shows chromosomes at metaphase of mitosis.

What are the diploid and haploid numbers for this species?Deselect Answer

Soru 30

DNA is said to replicate in a semi-conservative way.
Results of Meselson and Stahl’s experiments gave overwhelming support to this theory. They used E. coli which has a generation time of 50 minutes.
Here are the steps in their experiment but they are in the wrong order.

  • P All bacteria contain ¹⁵N DNA.
  • Q All bacteria contain hybrid DNA (¹⁵N DNA and ¹⁴N DNA).
  • R Bacteria contain either all ¹⁴N DNA or hybrid DNA.
  • S Bacteria grown in a ¹⁵N medium for many generations.
  • T Bacteria transferred to a ¹⁴N medium and sampled every 50 minutes.
Which sequence of letters shows the correct order of the steps in the experiment?Deselect Answer

Soru 31

Which row correctly describes a stage of mitosis?
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Soru 32

The diagram represents a nucleotide containing adenine.

Which statements about this nucleotide are correct?

  1. The carbohydrate is a pentose.
  2. The base contains nitrogen.
  3. Base pairing occurs with uracil.
  4. Adenine is a pyrimidine.
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Soru 33

Which row is correct for the replication of a DNA molecule?

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Soru 34

Blood entering the heart from the vena cava passes through, or past, several structures before entering the lungs.
Five of these structures are included in this list.

  • atrioventricular node
  • aorta
  • semilunar valve
  • left atrium
  • pulmonary vein
  • Purkyne tissue
  • sinoatrial node
  • pulmonary artery
After arranging these five structures in the correct order of blood flow from the vena cava to thelungs, which structure will be third?Deselect Answer

Soru 35

The graph shows the pressure changes in three structures of the right side of the heart during the cardiac cycle

What is represented by the line labelled T?Deselect Answer

Soru 36

Which is NOT a physical property of alcohols or phenols?

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Soru 37

Which one of the following substances would not have hydrogen bonding as one of its intermolecular forces?

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Soru 38


2A(g)   →  1B (g) + 2C (g)                 ∆H˚ = -69 kJ               K = 1 x 10-6

If the above reactants and products are contained in a closed vessel and the reaction system is at equilibrium, the number of moles of B can be increased by

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Soru 39

Which of the following molecules has sp3 hybridization and a dipole moment?

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Soru 40

A compound with a composition of 87.5 % N and 12.5 % H was recently discovered.

What is the empirical formula for this compound? (N:14 g/mol; H:1 g/mol)

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Soru 41

Which of the following atoms is not a one-electron system?  

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Soru 42

Which is the oxidation number of arsenic in K3AsO4?

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Soru 43

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

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Soru 44

Which of the following does NOT have the same number of grams of carbon as 45 g of methane, CH4? (C:12 g/mol; H:1 g/mol; O:16 g/mol)

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Soru 45

What is the correct name of the following molecule?

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Soru 46

Which of the following hydrocarbons does not have isomers?

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Soru 47

Solutions of each of the hypothetical acids in the following table are prepared with an initial concentration of 0.100 M.

Acid  pKa

HA    4.00

HB    7.00

HC   10.00

HD   11.00

Which of the four solutions will have the lowest pH and be most acidic?

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Soru 48

What is the molarity of the solution that contains 0.49 g of Sulfuric Acid in 100ml?

(Mr Sulfuric Acid = 98 g/mol)

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Soru 49

Which one of the following is not a property of a chemical compound?Deselect Answer

Soru 50

Which one of the following correctly describes Bronsted- Lowry acids?Deselect Answer

Soru 51

A score was added to the set of scores: 15,18, 20, 22, 24 and 26. The new mean is equal to 20. What score was added?


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Soru 52

In the above figure there are two identical circles in square. Circles are tangent to each other and to the sides of the square. What is the circumference of the square in terms of the radius of the circles, r ?

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Soru 53

Which of the following(s) statement(s) is/are true?

I.    37 ∉ {x | x has exactly two positive factors}
II.   28 ∈ {y | the sum of the all positive factors of y is 2y}
III. 7,747∈ { t| t is a multiple of 37}Deselect Answer

Soru 54

The coordinates of the vertex of the triangle are given in the figure. Find the equation of the line on which the median drawn to the edge BC lies.

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Soru 55
Soru 56

Which of the followings is/are dimensionally consistent.


  1. (Ampere)2x ohm x Second = Newton x Meter = Farad x (Volt)2
  2. Watt = Volt x Ampere
  3. Ampere x Second = Farad x volt
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Soru 57

Three charges are placed in a line, as shown in the diagram below.

Resultant electric forces on A and B are FA and FB respectively. What is the approximate ratio of these forces?

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Soru 58

Two pieces of metal objects when immersed in a liquid have equal upthrust on them; then which of the following must be true for both objects?Deselect Answer

Soru 59

When a 200 g metal heated to 90 0C is placed in 500g of 10 0C liquid with a heat capacity of 450 joule/kg.K, system comes to a thermal equilibrium at 150C. what is the specific heat capacity of the metal.

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Soru 60

A 3.5-kg block is sliding down an incline of 15.0 in the figure. The surface of the incline exerts a force of kinetic friction of magnitude 3.5 N on the block. What is the acceleration of the block (g=10N/kg, sin150=0.26)

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