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Soru 1

A Tiebreaker is an additional contest or period of play designed to establish a winner among tied contestants. Which situation below is the best example of a Tiebreaker?

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Soru 2

A factory was trying out a new process for producing one of its products, with the goal of reducing production costs. A trial production run using the new process showed a 15 percent reduction in costs compared with past performance using the standard process. The production managers therefore concluded that the new process did produce a cost savings.


Which of the following, if true, casts most doubt on the production manager's conclusion?

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Soru 3

Ten new television shows appeared during the month of September. Five of the shows were sitcoms, three were hour-long dramas, and two were news-magazine shows. By January, only seven of these new shows were still on the air. Five of the shows that remained were sitcoms.


Which of the followings is true.

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Soru 4

It is well known that the world urgently needs adequate distribution of food, so that everyone gets enough. Adequate distribution of medicine is just as urgent. Medical expertise and medical supplies need to be redistributed throughout the world so that people in emerging nations will have proper medical care.


This paragraph best supports the statement that

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Soru 5

To prevent some conflicts of interest, Congress could prohibit high-level government officials from accepting positions as lobbyists for three years after such officials leave government service. One such official concluded, however, that such a prohibition would be unfortunate because it would prevent high-level government officials from earning a livelihood for three years.


The official's conclusion logically depends on which of the following assumptions?

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Soru 6

In a seven-storey building, having floors numbered one to seven, P,Q,R,S,T and V each live on a different floor. (The Ground Floor is numbered floor No.1, the floor above it floor No.2 and so on) . One of the floors in the building is vacant. P lives on the fifth floor. No floor below fifth floor is vacant; also no odd numbered floor is vacant. Only S lives between ‘T’ and V. T does not live on an odd numbered floor. T does not live on a floor immediately above or immediately below R’s floor. Q does not live on the bottom most floor.


What is the sum of R’s and S’s floor numbers?

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Soru 7

A farmer harvests crops and receives  4 dolar per bushel for corn,  12 dolar per bushel for soybeans, and 6 dolar per bushel for wheat. The farmer harvests a total of 200 bushels of crops and receives a total of 1080 dolar. The amount of corn harvested is 3 times the combined amount of soybeans and wheat harvested. How many bushels of wheat did the farmer harvest?Deselect Answer

Soru 8

Below a road system is given among the cities named A, B, C, D and E. Distances between some cities are given in the table. For example the distance between the E and C is 230 km.

Distance between the cities D and E is three times less than 40 km the distance between the cities A and C. What is the distance between the cities A and E?

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Soru 9

In a kindergarten there are three classrooms with the names Flower, Daisy, and Violet. Following precent are given about the classrooms.


  • 60% are in the classroom Flower, 30% are in the classroom Daisy, and remaining are in the classroom Violet.
  • 40 % of the students in the classrooms Daisy and Violet are boys for each.
  • Number of the boys in the classroom Flower is 60% of the total number of boys in the kindergarten.


Then, what is the percentage of the boys among all students in this kindergarten?

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Soru 10

The integers which can be written in the triangles and squares must be greater than 4.

The integers written in each square is the multiple of the numbers in the adjacent triangles.

What can be the biggest value of B-A?

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Soru 11

What famous publication was an expression of Enlightenment thought in Italy?

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Soru 12

The nickname "Little Boy" was used during World War II by the U.S. Army to refer to:Deselect Answer

Soru 13

Who is the author of the text "From the big bang to black holes"?

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Soru 14

The oldest constitutional charter is currently in force:Deselect Answer

Soru 15

Which of the following events happened during Leonardo da Vinci's lifetime?Deselect Answer

Soru 16

Which of the following Italian doctors is also famous above all for the educational method that takes its name?

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Soru 17

Which of the following is not a work by Sigmund Freud?Deselect Answer

Soru 18

Who designed and led the construction of the first nuclear fission reactor, which produced the first controlled nuclear chain reaction?

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Soru 19

which year were the racial laws promulgated in Italy?

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Soru 20

Who is the author of the text 'Mistero Buffo'?

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Soru 21

Which row correctly matches each cell structure with its function?



Rough endoplasmic reticulum


Allow vesicles to move within the cell

Synthesises amino acids


Form cillia and centrioles

Produces ribosomes


Form the spindle during prophase

Transports proteins


Move chromosomes during anaphase

Makes triglycerides and phospholipids


Form cilia and centrioles

Synthesises lipids

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Soru 22

Which animal cells would have the most extensive Golgi bodies?

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Soru 23

Which of these processes will ATP?

  1. Transport of water in the xylem
  2. Semi-conversative replication of DNA
  3. Facilitated diffusion of amino acids into the cell
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Soru 24

Which diagram correctly shows the formation of peptide bod between two amino acids?

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Soru 25

When hydrolysed, which molecules have products a carboxyl group?

  1. Phospholipids
  2. Polysaccharides
  3. Protein
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Soru 26

lysosomes contain many different hydrolytic enzymes that may act within cells (intracellular enzymes) or outside cells (extracellular enzymes)

Wich process muct occur in order for lysosomal enzymes to act outside the cells

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Soru 27

The diagram shows an enzyme, its subsrate and enzyme/substrate complex.

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Soru 28

Which of these substances can directly through cell surface membranes without using a carrier protein or a channel protein?

  1.  Ca2+
  2.  CO2
  3.  C6H12O6
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Soru 29

Companion cells use ATP to move hydrogen ions out of the cell and co-transporter proteins to allow hydrogen ions to return with sucrose molecules

Which two processes are involved in this movement?

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Soru 30

The diagram represents a molecule of ATP.

What are the components of ATP labelled P.Q and R?












a phosphate group













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Soru 31

The table shows three anticodone for different amino acids.

Which DNA tripleton the DNA template strandcodes for the amino acid serine?

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Soru 32

What can combine with the haem group of a haemoglobin molecule?

  1.  oxygen
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. carbon monoxide
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Soru 33

Which statement about the blood flow in the cardiac cycle is correct?

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Soru 34

A vaccine is used to create artificial active immunity. After being given a vaccine, it will take a period of timebefore a person develops long-term immunity against the disease.Deselect Answer

Soru 35

Cardiac muscle is made up of many fibres that form the walle of the chambers of the heart.
When the heart contracts, these fibres shorten in lengthso the muscle creates a force that exerts a pressure on the blood, causing it to move.
Which statementexplains thedifference in thickness of thewallsof ventriclesof the heart?Deselect Answer

Soru 36

Which reactions take place at a higher rate in a capillary in an alveolus than in a capillary in aclive muscle?

  1. carbon dioxide + water     →    carbonic acid
  2. carbon dioxide + haemoglobin     →   carboxyhemoglobin
  3. haemoglobin hydrogen ions     →    haemoglobinic acid
  4. hydrogencarbonate lons + hydrogen lors     →   carbon dioxide + water
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Soru 37

A person's blood group is determined by antigens present on the red blood cells. The table shows the antigens and antibodies in theblood of people with different blood groups.

During ablood transfusion, it is essential that the recipient's blood does not contain antibodies to the donar's blood
Which blood groups can be given to a person with blood group B?Deselect Answer

Soru 38

Which factors would help a person to adjust from living at a low altitude to living at a high altitude?

  1. formation offewer red blood cells
  2. an increase in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
  3. an increase in the output of blood by the heart
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Soru 39

To which class of compounds does the following molecule belong?
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Soru 40

Which of the following is the correct structure for 2-methylbutane?

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Soru 41

Which of the following could be an unsaturated hydrocarbon?


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Soru 42

Which one of the following should be immiscible with carbon tetrachloride, CCl4?

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Soru 43

In which of the following completely vapor-phase reactions would increasing system pressure at constant temperature not change the concentrations of reactants and products?

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Soru 44

What is the valence shell electron configuration of the halogens?

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Soru 45

Of the bonds C − N, C = N, and C ≡ N,the C − N bond is the ...

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Soru 46

Of the following choices, which one has sp2 hybridization of the central atom?Deselect Answer

Soru 47

An ideal gas differs from a real gas in that the molecules of an ideal gas...Deselect Answer

Soru 48

Which one of the following should be the most similar to strontium in chemical and physical properties?

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Soru 49

Of the reactions below, which one is a decomposition reaction?

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Soru 50

What is the maximum number of grams of Cu that could be produced by the reaction of 30.0 g of CuO and 20.0 g of CH4? (C:12 g/mole, O:16 g/mole, H:1 g/mole, Cu: 63.5 g/mole)

4CuO + CH4 → 2H2O + 4Cu + CO2

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Soru 51
Soru 52

(y-2)(y+7)² <0, if and only ifDeselect Answer

Soru 53
Soru 54

Find the shaded area of the regular polygon with a perimeter 48 cm.

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Soru 55

The blades on a ceiling fan spin at 1200 rotations per minute. The fan has a radius of 0.5 meter. Calculate the linear speed of a point at the outer edge of a blade in meters per second. (π=3)

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Soru 56

A beaker is filled to the brim with water. A solid object of mass 3.00 kg is lowered into the beaker so that the object is fully submerged in the water (see the drawing). During this process, 2.00 kg of water flows over the rim and out of the beaker. What is the buoyant force that acts on the submerged object, and, when released, does the object rise, sink, or remain in place? (pwater=1g/cm3, g=9,8 m/s2)

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Soru 57

The figure here shows three arrangements of an electron e and two protons p. Rank the arrangements according to the magnitude of the net electrostatic force on the electron due to the protons, largest first.

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Soru 58

Which one of the following units could be used for capacitance?

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Soru 59

A uniform plank AB is &m long and has a weight 300 N is supported horizontally by two vertical ropes at A and B. A weight of 150 N rest at C where AC is 2m. Find the tension in each rope

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Soru 60

The length of each side of a certain triangle is an even number. If no two of sides have the same length, what is the smallest perimeter the triangle could have?Deselect Answer