IMAT Deneme Sınavı @2

2022 IMAT Sınavı'na hazırlanan öğrencilerimiz için oluşturulmuş çalışmadır.

Aşağıdaki iletişim formunu doldurarak sınava başlayabilirsiniz.

Sınav 100 dakikadır ve süre dolduğunda sayfa kapanacaktır.

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Soru 1

Violating an Apartment Lease occurs when a tenant does something prohibited by the legally binding document that he or she has signed with a landlord. Which situation below is the best example of Violating an Apartment Lease?

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Soru 2

Seahorse populations have declined everywhere in the global scale, where seahorses are fished. During the past five years, seahorse populations have decreased by 50%. Last year, biologists met to discuss what might be done to reverse this trend.


Find the statement that must be true according to the given information.

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Soru 3

Apartment building owners argue that rent control should be abolished. Although they acknowledge that, in the short term, rents would increase, they argue that the long-term effect would be a reduction in rents. This is because rent increases would lead to greater profitability. Higher profits would lead to increased apartment construction. Increased apartment construction would then lead to a greater supply of residences, and lower prices would result because potential apartment residents would have a better selection. Thus, abolishing rent control would ultimately reduce prices.


Which one of the following is an assumption on which this argument depends?

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Soru 4

If you’re a fitness walker, there is no need for a commute to a health club. Your neighborhood can be your health club. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to get a good workout either. All you need is a well-designed pair of athletic shoes.


This paragraph best supports the statement that

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Soru 5

Since the mayor's publicity campaign for Greenville's bus service began six months ago, morning automobile traffic into the midtown area of the city has decreased seven percent. During the same period, there has been an equivalent rise in the number of persons riding buses into the midtown area. Obviously, the mayor's publicity campaign has convinced many people to leave their cars at home and ride the bus to work.


Which of the following, if true, casts the most serious doubt on the conclusion drawn above?

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Soru 6

The government of an island nation is in the process of deciding how to spend its limited income. It has $7 million left in its budget and eight programs to choose among. There is no provision in the constitution to have a surplus, and each program has requested the minimum amount they need; in other words, no program may be partially funded. The programs and their funding requests are:


■ Hurricane preparedness: $2.5 million

■ Harbor improvements: $1 million

■ School music program: $0.5 million

■ Senate office building remodeling: $1.5 million

■ Agricultural subsidy program: $2 million

■ National radio: $0.5 million

■ Small business loan program: $3 million

■ International airport: $4 million


Senators from urban areas are very concerned about assuring that there will be funding for a new international airport. Senators from rural areas refuse to fund anything until money for agricultural subsidies is appropriated. If the legislature funds these two programs, on which of the following could they spend the rest of the money?


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Soru 7

Six friends Kelly, Marc, Ryan, Amy, Bob, and Priya are sitting in a circle equidistant from the person next to one another. Ryan is sitting two places right of Bob. Bob is sitting one place right of Amy. Gustav comes and puts his chair in the middle of two of them. Then Kelly forms an angle of 120 degree from Marc. Marc is just opposite Priya and is sitting on the left of Gustav.


What is the angle between Gustav and Amy?

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Soru 8

The table below shows the amount of time each student spent for each question in the given part. General knowledge questions are given separately and there is no time restriction for this part. But for the other parts student have 100 minutes total. Merry, Celine, Adam, and Jim going to take the exam


Which of the students are expected to finish the exam timely?

































General Knowledge








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Soru 9

In a competition, a jury with four members evaluate the competitors as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There are 30 competitors. Any competitor must get at least three ‘yes’ to be successful. Total number of the answer ‘yes’ is 50. Considered given information, what is the maximum numbers of successful competitors.

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Soru 10

In a multiple chose test there are 100 questions. Mark and Kelly don’t have any ideas about the subject. Therefore, Kelly decided to answer the questions as ABCDEABCDE… and Mark decided to answer CCBBAAEEDDCCBB …How many answers they marked same?

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Soru 11

The first European railway network, in the 19th century, developed into:Deselect Answer

Soru 12

The Dayton Agreement of November 1995:

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Soru 13

With the Locarno Agreements of October 1925, Italy became guarantor with Great Britain:

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Soru 14

Which of the following events occurs chronologically between the Battle of Stalingrad and the Falklands War?Deselect Answer

Soru 15

What is meant by the term Euromaidan?

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Soru 16

In what year did Czechoslovakia split into two distinct states (the Czech Republic and Slovakia)?

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Soru 17

What is meant by "collaborationism" when speaking of the history of the early twentieth century, and in particular that of the Second World War?

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Soru 18

When did the famous "Barbarossa operation" begin?Deselect Answer

Soru 19

The Last Supper, is a wall painting located in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. Who was it made by?Deselect Answer

Soru 20

What is celebrated on June 2nd in Italy?Deselect Answer

Soru 21

What is a property of arteries?Deselect Answer

Soru 22

The graph shows the blood levels of hormones ass ociated with the menstrual cycle.

Which line on the graph represents progesterone?Deselect Answer

Soru 23

What blood flow does the right semilunar valve prevent?Deselect Answer

soru 24

Which reaction occurs in blood clotting?Deselect Answer

Soru 25

A two-cell sea urchin (Echinoidea) embryo was physically separated by scientists into two cells.
Each cell, through further embryonic development, became an adult sea urchin.

What is the relationship between the two adult sea urchins?Deselect Answer

Soru 26

Which genotype would be normally found in a gamete?Deselect Answer

Soru 27

Which statement applies to meiosis and mitosis?Deselect Answer

Soru 28

Which statement applies to enzymes?Deselect Answer

Soru 29

Which enzyme is matched to its function?






forms a DNA helix


DNA polymerase

forms a covalent bond between DNA nucleotides


restriction endonuclease

seals nicks in recombinant DNA



unwinds the double helix



Digests proteins

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Soru 30

If a plant is exposed to light, which colour of light would lead to the lowest rate of oxygen release by a green plant?Deselect Answer

Soru 31

Which molecule is depicted in the diagram?
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Soru 32

What is a difference between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration in yeast?Deselect Answer

Soru 33

What is the term for the attraction of water molecules to other water molecules?Deselect Answer

Soru 34

Which living structure is an exception to the cell theory?Deselect Answer

Soru 35

Which statement applies to cholesterol?Deselect Answer

Soru 36

Arrange the following in ascending order of the number of molecules

1     5.00 g Br₂

2     2.00 g CH₄

3     1.12 dm3 SO₃ (g)


Use relative atomic mass: H = 1; C = 12; O = 16; S = 32; Br = 80. Take the volume of 1 mole of gas to be 22.4 dm3.

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Soru 37

As Group 17 (VII) of the Periodic Table is descended (F→At) which of the following properties decrease?

  1. number of electrons in the outer orbital
  2. electronegativity (Pauling scale)
  3. number of occupied orbitals
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Soru 38

Which of the following results in a change from a homogeneous to heterogeneous system?

  1. Stirring a lump of sugar in a beaker of water to completely dissolve the sugar
  2. Cloud turning to rain
  3. Salt crystals forming in concentrated solution


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Soru 39

Which option below correctly describes the following features of a phosphorous trichloride molecule:

  • number of bonding pairs of electrons?
  • number of non-bonding / lone pairs of electrons on the phosphorus atom?
  • shape of molecule?

Atomic number: Cl = 17; P = 15.

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Soru 40

  • A gas is confined in a rigid tank that does not undergo thermal The temperature of the gas in the tank rises from 298 K to 310 K.


Which of the following increase?


  1. volume of the gas
  2. pressure of the gas
  3. number of gas molecules
  4. kinetic energy of the molecules
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Soru 41

The table below shows some physical properties of five substances being tested for electrical




Melting point / °C


Boiling point / °C


Conducts electricity when solid?

(i.e. σ > 1 Ω -1m-1)


Conducts electricity when molten?

(i.e. σ > 1 Ω -1m-1)


Substance 1










Substance 2










Substance 3










Substance 4










Substance 5











[Electrical conductivity tests were performed using a field strength of 100 Vm-1.] Which substance (A – E) has a giant ionic structure at 20°C?

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Soru 42

Below are some equations:

Which of the above equations represent reduction of the substance in square brackets?

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Soru 43

When the following equation is balanced, what is the correct value of c?

K₂Cr₂O₇ + aH₂SO₄ + 6FeSO₄ → bFe₂(SO₄)₃ + K₂SO₄ + Cr₂(SO₄)₃ + cH₂O

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Soru 44

The positions of the first 20 elements in the Periodic Table are shown below

Which one of the following pairs have the same electronic structure?


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Soru 45

Which of the following is/are correct about the Avogadro Constant?

  1. It is the number of atoms in 12 kg of carbon-12.
  2. It has units mol-1.
  3. It is the number of particles of the substance per mole of the substance
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Soru 46

Which compound is not a constitutional isomer of the others?
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Soru 47

In propyne there areDeselect Answer

Soru 48

Which of the following molecules has a permanent overall dipole moment?

[C is in Group IV; N and P are in Group V; O and S are in Group VI; F and Cl are in Group VII]

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Soru 49

Sucrose, C12H22O11, is added to water at 20 °C until no more sucrose will dissolve.

Four statements are made about sucrose and the solution that is produced:

1 A saturated solution of sucrose is produced.

2 The freezing point of the solution is 0 °C.

3 Sucrose is a non-polar substance.

4 Sucrose is the solute.

Which two statements are correct?

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Soru 50

Which of the following substances has the weakest overall intermolecular forces?

[atomic numbers: H = 1; C = 6; N = 7; O = 8; F = 9]

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Soru 51

The magnitude of the force on Q due to the charge P is F. The force on charge at Q due to charges at P and R is

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Soru 52

Given two points A(–3, 1) and B(–3, –4), which of the following is/are correct?

I.    AB= 3 units
II.   AB is parallel to the y-axis.
III. AB intersects the x-axis.Deselect Answer

Soru 53

What is the solution set of the following equation.  

logx16=logx9+2Deselect Answer

Soru 54

What is the set of values for which 20-x2>4 or 5x+4≥19

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Soru 55
Soru 56
Soru 57

Which one(s) of the followings can be used as an energy unit?

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Soru 58

Which of the followings would change current measured by ammeter.

  1. Use more turns of circular wires
  2. Change the rotation speed
  3. Replace the N and S poles
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Soru 59

A beam of 10N is balanced with two given forces what can be the value of the F1.

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Soru 60

A string standing on a frictionless surface attached one end to a wall the other to a mass m. The mass pulled a little and the released forming simple harmonic motion with a period of T.

Which one of the following(s) will be true about the system.

  1. Speed of the mass is maximum at the time T/2 after release.
  2. Stored potential energy in the string is zero at the time T/4 after release.
  3. Stored potential energy in the string is half of the maximum at the time T/8 after release.
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Soru 46

Which compound is not a constitutional isomer of the others?
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