IMAT Deneme Sınavı @6

2023 IMAT Sınavı'na hazırlanan öğrencilerimiz için oluşturulmuş çalışmadır.

Aşağıdaki iletişim formunu doldurarak sınava başlayabilirsiniz.

Sınav 100 dakikadır ve süre dolduğunda sayfa kapanacaktır.

Başarılar Dileriz!

Soru 1

Today the NHS is increasingly struggling to be financially viable. In the future, the NHS may have to reduce the services it cannot afford. The NHS is supported by government funds, which come from those who pay tax in the UK. Recently the NHS has been criticised for allowing fertility treatments to be free, as many people believe these are not important andshould not be paid for when there is not enough money to pay the doctors and nurses.

Which one of the following is the most accurate conclusion of the statementabove?

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Soru 2

We should allow people to drive as fast as they want. By allowing drivers to drive at fast speeds, through natural selection the most dangerous drivers will kill only themselves in car accidents. These people will nothave children, hence only safe people will reproduce and eventually the population will only consist of safe drivers.


Which one of the following, if true, most weakens the above argument?

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Soru 3

In the winter of 2014, the UK suffered record levels of rainfall, which led to catastrophic damage across the country. Thousands of homes were damaged and even destroyed, leaving many homeless in the chaos that followed. The Government faced harsh criticism that they had failed to adequately prepare the country for the extreme weather. In such cases the Government assess the likelihood of such events happening in the futureand balance against the cost of advance measures to reduce the impact should they occur versus the cost of the event with no preparative defences in place. Until recently, for example, the risk of acts of terror taking was low compared with the vast cost anticipated should they occur. However, the risk of flooding is usually low, so it could be argued that the costs associated with anti-flooding measures would have been pre-emptively unreasonable. Should the Government be expected to prepare for every conceivable threat that could come topass? Are we to put in place expensive measures against a seismic event as well as a possible extra-terrestrial invasion?


Which of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the statement above?

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Soru 4

Sadly the way in which children interact with each other has changed over the years. Where once children used to play sports and games together in the street, they now sit alone in their rooms on the computer playing games on the internet. Where in the past young children learned human interaction from active games with their friends this is no longer the case. How then, when these children are grown up, will they be able to socially interact with their colleagues?

Which one of the following is the conclusion of the above statement?

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Soru 5

At a hospital, Nurse Kemp has worked more night shifts in a row than Nurse Rogers, who has worked five. Nurse Miller has worked fifteen nights shifts in a row, more than Nurses Kemp and Rogers combined. Nurse Calvin has worked eight nights shifts in a row, less than Nurse Kemp. How many nights shifts in a row has Nurse Kemp worked?

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Soru 6

What is the number of triangles that can be formed whose two sides are the vertices of an octagon and the remaining side is one of the octagon’s side.Deselect Answer

Soru 7

I recently received a catalogue from a book club. I want to order seven books from their list. However, I noticed that their price structure for postage was very strange:

I decide, based on the table, that I will ask them to pack my order in the number of parcels that will attract the lowest post and packing charge.
How much will I have to pay?Deselect Answer

Soru 8

Josh starts to walk 500 m from his house, turns right and walks 200 meters, turns right and walks 100 meters, turns right and walks 200 meters. At the end how far is he from his house.Deselect Answer

Soru 9

Four different views of a dice are given as viewed from different angles. Find out the number of dots on the face opposite to the face with one dot.
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Soru 10

High levels of alcohol consumption are proven to increase the risk of many non-infectious diseases, such ascancer, atherosclerosis and liver failure. James is a PhD student, and is analysing the data from a large-scalestudy of over 500,000 people to further investigate the link between heavy alcohol consumption and healthproblems. In the study, participants were asked about their alcohol consumption, and then their medical historywas recorded. His analysis displays surprising results, concluding that those with high alcohol consumptionhave a decreased risk of cancer. James decides that those carrying out the study must have incorrectly recordedthe data.


Which of the following is NOT a potential reason why the study has produced these surprising results?

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Soru 11

Which country is the Dolomite Mountain range, which borders the Alps, located in?Deselect Answer

Soru 12

Which 18th century composer was The Marriage of Figaro written by?Deselect Answer

Soru 13

The American Decleration of Independence was signed on the 4th of July of what year?

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Soru 14

The speech which begins “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears” is from which play by Shakespeare?Deselect Answer

Soru 15

Which ruler was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on Christmas Day of 800 AD?Deselect Answer

Soru 16

Which city was The Harlem Renaissance was a 20th century artistic and poetic movement based in?Deselect Answer

Soru 17

Which of these rivers is NOT located in Europe?Deselect Answer

Soru 18

Marie Curie died as a result of her research into what?Deselect Answer

Soru 19

Which of these countries was never part of the United Republic of Yugoslaiva?Deselect Answer

Soru 20

Which French philosopher is the phrase “Hell is other people”associated with?Deselect Answer

Soru 21

Thegraphbelowshowstheeffect of substrateconcentration on enzymeactivity. Whatconclusion can be drawnaboutsection X of thegraph?

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Soru 22

Which type of molecule is shown in the diagram below?

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Soru 23

The table below shows the codons that determine different amino acids in protein translation.

What is these quence of the amino acids that is being translated from the following mRNA sequence?


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Soru 24

Where are the light-dependent and light-independent reactions taking place in the diagram below?

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Soru 25

What happens during the formation of Okazaki fragments?Deselect Answer

Soru 26

The diagram below shows the structure of a chloroplast. What is the structure labelled X?
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Soru 27

What conclusion can be drawn from examining the action spectrum for a green plants hown below?
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Soru 28

The diagram below represents part of the DNA molecule.

What are the parts labelled I, II and III?
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Soru 29

What is the advantage of having a small volume inside the thylakoids of the chloroplast?Deselect Answer

Soru 30

A number of different proteins are involved in nerve function. Which of the following does not require a membrane protein?Deselect Answer

Soru 31

Rhesus factor is an antigen present on the surface of red blood cells of Rhesus positive individuals.
Rhesus positive (Rh) is dominant to Rhesus negative (Rh⁻). A mother with Rhesus negative blood gives birth to a baby with Rhesus positive blood and there are concerns that subsequent pregnancies will trigger an immune response.

What are the genotypes of the mother and her first baby?

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Soru 32

Which of the following is part of the process of cellular respiration?Deselect Answer

Soru 33

What is the main function of the large intestine?Deselect Answer

Soru 34

Capillaries surround the alveoli in the lungs. Which pair of statements correctly describes the concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs?

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Soru 35

What are the levels of the hormones estrogen, progesterone, LH and FSH during the menstrual cycle at the time of ovulation?

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Soru 36

Which of the following statements is false?Deselect Answer

Soru 37

What is the correct formula for iron(III) sulfate?Deselect Answer

Soru 38

A solution has a pH of 6.0. What is the concentration of OH1−ions in solution?Deselect Answer

Soru 39

Which of the following statements about bonding is correct?Deselect Answer

Soru 40

Methane undergoes a combustion reaction according to the reaction

CH4(g) + 2O2(g) → CO2(g) + 2H2O(l)

How many grams of methane gas were burned if 67.2 liters of carbon dioxide gas are produced in the reaction? (Assume STP.)

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Soru 41

Which pair below represents isomers of the same compound?Deselect Answer

Soru 42

Which functional group below does not contain a carbonyl group?Deselect Answer

Soru 43

A compound was analyzed and found to be composed of 75% carbon and 25% hydrogen. What is the empirical formula of this compound?Deselect Answer

Soru 44

Which of these equations is/are properly balanced?

I. Cl2 + 2NaBr → Br2 + 2NaCl
II. 2Na + O2 → Na2O
III. 2K + 2H2O → H2 + 2KOHDeselect Answer

Soru 45

A compound was analyzed and found to be 12.1% C,71.7% Cl, and 16.2% O. What is the empirical formula for this compound? (C:12 gr/mol, O:16 gr/mol, Cl: 35.5 gr/mol)Deselect Answer

Soru 46
Soru 47

How many pi bonds are there in a molecule of NC—CH2—CH2—CO—NH—CHCH2?Deselect Answer

Soru 48

Which Statement Below is inconsistent with the concept of isotopes?Deselect Answer

Soru 49

As you go from left to right across a period on the periodic table there in a decrease in

Deselect Answer

Soru 50

Which choice below would affect the rate of reaction in the opposite way from the other four?Deselect Answer

Soru 51
Soru 52

20 cm apart two identical metallic spheres A and B are charged 2µC and -8µC respectively. The sphere B experience an electrical force of magnitude F due to the other sphere. When they are touched and put 10 cm apart what will be the magnitude of force experienced by the
particle A.Deselect Answer

Soru 53

Which of the above expressions is/are equal to the 
Deselect Answer

Soru 54

What is the sum of the real roots of the equation where x‡0 and x‡1.Deselect Answer

Soru 55

What is the lowest common multiple of 12, 18 and 42, given as the product of powers of its prime factors?Deselect Answer

Soru 56

In a container in the open air there is an ideal gas. Which one of the followings is true about the graph of the pressure, the volume, and the temperature of the gas? (Nonmentioned properties are constant)Deselect Answer

Soru 57

A metal rectangle prism with the dimensions; 4 cm, 5cm and 8 cm is put in a shallow liquid of density 2.5 g/cm³. Only half of the metal is submerged. What is the magnitude of the upthrust acting on the prism having the density 5 g/cm³? (Gravitational field strength= 10 N/kg)Deselect Answer

Soru 58

A car travelling with a constant velocity 3 m/s starts decelerating for 5 seconds at 2m/s². What is the displacement of the car in last 3 seconds?Deselect Answer

Soru 59

Which of the following statements must be true about statistics?
I. The range of a data set must be smaller than its standard deviation.
II. The standard deviation of a data set must be smaller than its mean.
III. The median of a data set must be smaller than its mode.Deselect Answer

Soru 60

Temperature of a gas is produced due toDeselect Answer

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